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About Hellonext

Hellonext is building the pathway for a highly effective and robust network of EV chargers by providing car owners and service providers the tools they need to achieve a smarter, sustainable, and accessible mobility ecosystem. Our motto is “keep it simple and efficient”. 

Our vision

Become a reference brand in the mobility ecosystem for electrical, connected, and autonomous vehicles in the European market.

Expand our group renowned expertise to the electric mobility sector, turning EV charging into a mainstream activity, accessible for everyone.

Be the reference partner to all EV service providers, not only for the supplying of EV chargers but also for consultancy and marketing services, as well as the full support and maintenance of EV infrastructures.

Our Values

Be disruptive but keep it down to earth

We believe in disruptive changes, but we also know that sometimes we need to use the existing infrastructures and promote a smooth transition between the present and the future.

Set challenges and overcome them

We nurture a challenging environment. We challenge assumptions and status quo. We challenge our team and our partners. It is by overcoming these challenges that we will reach further together.

Communicate honestly and constructively

The key to manage expectations and achieve greater results is to be honest with both our team and customers.

Play by the rules

Energy can be dangerous, so we never jump any hoops.


It is in our ADN, to build our business on a sustainable base without compromising future generations.

Electric vehicles numbers

The global electric vehicle market has taken a huge leap forward in the past decade. Despite some barriers to its adoption, the industry is moving forward and Hellonext is here to help making EV charging acessible for everyone.

1 M

Global eletric car fleet in 2019.

0 M

Electric Car units in Europe in 2019.

1 M

Number of worldwide chargers (of which about 6.5 million were private)